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Thank you! Great new home for our family. What a deal. Equity on move in day. Love it.

Sold $144,900

John & Marisol M

Thanks Keith & Lisa. Great investment property. Glad to have you managing and getting us great tenants!

Sold $56,000

Gary and Lee B

Love our home on the bricks! Thanks Keith

Sold $310,000

Sue W

What a great move and deal. Thanks Keith. We love the house and location location location!

Sold $372,000

Walt & Susan G

Unbelievebla results. Two offers (2nd was less than 1st) on the same bank owned property. Your system worked and we're remodeling our Venetia Country Club condo.

Sold $15,500

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Standard of Practice 1-3 which states, “REALTORS®, in attempting to secure a listing, shall not deliberately mislead the owner as to market value.”

Clearly, if an agent misleads an owner about market value, they are not protecting and promoting that owner’s interests. (Article 1)

Yet, it is the MOST COMMON violation of trust, and causes harm in loss of funds, and trust.

~ I treat EVERY customer like family.

~ Serving my God, serving his people.

Integrity. Honesty. Experience.

Keith Connors

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With average winter temperatures in the 70's, why would you live anywhere else?

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